“When you feel less likely to love again”

“..and I felt really inferior when I couldn’t make up to the conversations in my friend circle.”, my inner-self spoke. And then, when I introspected deeper, I asked myself- “Is it worth to let myself down, to feel inferior? So what if I couldn’t make up to it? Why should I feel sorry for myself?


There are times when you feel anxious ,when things are not making sense to you. Your views about a particular thing is totally different to your peer group. You are unable to find people compatible to you, to your thoughts. You rarely receive a positive feedback after all you do for other people. You’ve never been appreciated for your uniqueness, for holding something different from others; it’s then, obvious to feel isolated, to feel alienated from the community.

People criticize your ideas, they don’t support your thoughts by making a judgemental image at the back of their minds, of how you look, which community you belong to and on many other societal norms. And if you’ve been the sufferer of this ordeal, let me tell you, none of these matters.

 The concept of inferiority generates through within; through lack of confidence in oneself, through consistent self-doubt and through the fear that people will judge. And by this, we end up judging ourselves only, by our looks, by our knowledge, by our own thoughts and we form a believe that people are better than us and we do not match to their standards. Somehow, this is our self created mesh, in which we get stuck into.

The tough situations you come across every day, the kind of people who make you feel bad about yourself; you have to perceive them more than just a set of humans. Believe that they have a purpose, you have a purpose, everything in your life has a purpose, nothing is meaningless. Form a believe system that they are here to teach you something. Some experiences teach you patience, some teach you the importance of adjustment, some displays the power of tolerance in daily life and some teach you the value of self- worth.


You got to hold a believe about yourself. A believe, which only you can form, about you and about these people. Don’t perceive yourself as a subservient of the people around you; by doing so, you are allowing them to make you feel inferior. Believe in your thoughts, believe in your ideas, your opinions, trust your vibes and tell them what your heart says.


Building self- confidence, believing in yourself and acting upon your weaknesses would be one of the greatest measure to empower yourself. Keep striving for your growth and development. Excel in your stream, attain ample of knowledge, work on your health, spend some nice time with your loved ones. There are so many good things to focus onto, rather than being affected by the outer sham of the society. Every day when you wake up, feel thankful for having a life and all the blessings from the universe.


You are enough, a thousand times enough.

Accept yourself, be yourself and appreciate that uniqueness in you.



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