“The Existence”

So I was reading this news of a 23-year-old boy, who jumped off from the 19th floor of a posh five-star hotel, under the influence of alcohol. After the investigation it was found that he left a suicide note in which he wrote depression and drug use had taken a toll on his life. He also recorded a video tutorial on how to commit suicide, which has since gone viral on social media.

According to WHO, about 8,00,000 people commit suicide worldwide every year. Hence, many millions of people are affected or experience suicide bereavement every year. Suicide occurs throughout the lifespan and is the second leading cause of death among 15-29 year olds globally.



The term ‘Suicide’, does not mean just to take one’s own life, but it comes with a deep background. The thought of committing suicide generates through a harsh and depressing mental state. As I came to know about innumerable cases of suicide this year, I gave a sincere thought about ‘why people commit suicide?’, ‘what makes them to choose death over life?’ and I found plenty of elements that builds up the thoughts of committing suicide. The most observed reasons I found were-

  1. Sense of burden- The mind set in a person that he or she is a liability or a burden in someone’s life, creates a sense of low self- worth or makes the person feel that his or her life is worthless, that their loved ones would be better off without them,  which results to a negative thought process.
  2. Sense of emotional pain- The sufferings which makes the person emotionally weak, eradicates the thinking power to find solutions to the problems and the person finds it better to take his own life to escape the negative feelings.
  3. Hopelessness- People lose hope that their lives are not going to get better, that there is no end to their hardships and death is the only solution for the termination of their sufferings.

In general, people do not commit suicide because they are in pain, they commit suicide because they don’t believe there is a reason to live and the world will be better off without them.


However, the good news is that these thoughts can be resolved and the world is not over yet. The universe provides solution for everything, it’s us who need to take a step and adopt one. If you are sane enough to diagnose that negativity in you or in somebody else, then you are definitely sane enough to act positively on it too.

There are plenty of ways and measures which can be taken by oneself. One can always-

a) Meditate- Things get better when you just delegate all your problems to the universe and relax. Sit back, close your eyes and calm your soul down. You can add one more good thing to it by reminding all of the good moments of your life, the happy memories which make you feel that life is something to live and not to give up on.


b) Self- Appreciation- “I can’t achieve anything in life”, “I’m such a burden on my family”, and “I’m incapable to achieve things” are some of the polluted thoughts that everyone feels once in a while but that doesn’t mean we truly are like this; negativity molds our thoughts in such a way. Self-appreciation is an important tool to cope with these thoughts. Make a list of all the things you feel good about you and your achievements till date in your life. Big or small, every achievement matters because you achieved it and you matter.


c) Travel- However it might sound like travel has got nothing to do with curing suicidal thoughts, but trust me, it plays a great role. When we travel, we come in contact with new people, new atmosphere, new places and with positive energies. Travel is not just about visiting places, but also about regenerating a new “aura”. We get refreshed and by that our thought process gets sort out too. So, whenever you feel like ending your life, just pack your bags and travel to the places you didn’t visit yet.


d) Spend time with your loved ones- There are the times in life, when one of our family members suffers through difficult times like health issues, financial crisis, emotional torment and so on. It has an impact on other members too because each one of us are emotionally connected to each other. Sometimes, those pain and problems affect the other members of the family and the suicidal thoughts come to existence to escape the bitter reality. It is then, most important to have a mindset that- committing suicide won’t help too. Rather it will make the situation worse. Each one of our lives are connected to several other people. If we mess with our life, it will certainly going to affect others too, to the ones we care for. Problems are the part and parcel of life and without them we won’t be able to learn to how to tackle them. In the bad times, try to support your loved ones, spend good time with them, cherish each other’s presence and value the love you received till yet. After all, this is life, nothing is permanent here, not even our troubles.


e) Music as stress buster- Music is considered as a great healer. The calmness of sound of music, delivers relaxation and settles the polluted thoughts in the mind. Listen to whatever genre you are fond of and you will feel better. Also, a musical get together can be organized. Form a group with your close friends, have a get together and sing along some good music together that will create a positive atmosphere.

f) Motivational Stuff- To keep yourself motivated towards your life goals in a harsh world like today’s, involve yourself into some activities and stuff which motivates you or fill your soul with positive energy. Watch motivational videos or movies. You can involve yourself in reading good books. Do have a chat or always get into contact with a person who inspires you for a positive life, like me! Jk 😉


g) Sleep- Well I feel that this should be the first measure to cure suicidal thoughts, but if no measure seems to work, just forget about the things which are bothering you and relax. The universe will take care of it, you got to sleep better.

Although, I’ve never been to the extremity of this topic personally in my life, but I realized that it is an important one and it requires my sincere attention.

I hope, the measures I recognized will help you in some way. Do help those who are in need.

In the end, I would love to remind you that you are a lovely creation of god. You matter. Your life matters and nothing is worth taking your life for.

Do read this-


We love you. ❤

“When you feel less likely to love again”

“..and I felt really inferior when I couldn’t make up to the conversations in my friend circle.”, my inner-self spoke. And then, when I introspected deeper, I asked myself- “Is it worth to let myself down, to feel inferior? So what if I couldn’t make up to it? Why should I feel sorry for myself?


There are times when you feel anxious ,when things are not making sense to you. Your views about a particular thing is totally different to your peer group. You are unable to find people compatible to you, to your thoughts. You rarely receive a positive feedback after all you do for other people. You’ve never been appreciated for your uniqueness, for holding something different from others; it’s then, obvious to feel isolated, to feel alienated from the community.

People criticize your ideas, they don’t support your thoughts by making a judgemental image at the back of their minds, of how you look, which community you belong to and on many other societal norms. And if you’ve been the sufferer of this ordeal, let me tell you, none of these matters.

 The concept of inferiority generates through within; through lack of confidence in oneself, through consistent self-doubt and through the fear that people will judge. And by this, we end up judging ourselves only, by our looks, by our knowledge, by our own thoughts and we form a believe that people are better than us and we do not match to their standards. Somehow, this is our self created mesh, in which we get stuck into.

The tough situations you come across every day, the kind of people who make you feel bad about yourself; you have to perceive them more than just a set of humans. Believe that they have a purpose, you have a purpose, everything in your life has a purpose, nothing is meaningless. Form a believe system that they are here to teach you something. Some experiences teach you patience, some teach you the importance of adjustment, some displays the power of tolerance in daily life and some teach you the value of self- worth.


You got to hold a believe about yourself. A believe, which only you can form, about you and about these people. Don’t perceive yourself as a subservient of the people around you; by doing so, you are allowing them to make you feel inferior. Believe in your thoughts, believe in your ideas, your opinions, trust your vibes and tell them what your heart says.


Building self- confidence, believing in yourself and acting upon your weaknesses would be one of the greatest measure to empower yourself. Keep striving for your growth and development. Excel in your stream, attain ample of knowledge, work on your health, spend some nice time with your loved ones. There are so many good things to focus onto, rather than being affected by the outer sham of the society. Every day when you wake up, feel thankful for having a life and all the blessings from the universe.


You are enough, a thousand times enough.

Accept yourself, be yourself and appreciate that uniqueness in you.


“Exhale the pessimism”

During a conversation with one of my friend after so long, I found several differences in her behaviour. She used to be an enthusiast, always filled with tons of positive energy, ready to do something adventurous each second, but now seemed to be gloomy, a doom-monger, despairing and despondent in her hopes.

It’s obvious that in life, we come across various  phases. Some are full of joy and happiness, while some seem to be hopeless and incurable.  However, our focus  should not be centralized only on “what is the problem”, instead on – “how could it be solved.”  One’s emotions and feelings are controlled by oneself only, regardless of external environment and internal stimulations. Although, both of these have an effect on us by rendering the feelings of fear, anger, anxiety, stress or depression, it is on us, however, that we can overcome these feelings of negativity even without medication or several years of psychotherapy too.


It is well said by anonymous that -“Our actions decides our directions.” What we allow to do with ourselves, leads our lives to the respective directions of positivity or negativity. So why let our choices to be the one which takes us towards despair? Let our choices be the ones who motivates us, who makes us breathe the optimism, which we inherently meant to.

Pessimism occurs when an individual fails to view oneself as competent, efficient and sustainable to accomplish life goals.

So whenever you find yourself on the pessimistic edge,

  • Analyze ‘why ‘– Take a deep breath. Think what is going wrong in your actions or what is affecting you. Analyze the factors and reasons, which are responsible to make you feel in such a way. Most importantly, don’t think that the world is over for you. No, you’ve got to see beautiful things which you haven’t seen yet. 🙂



  • Categorize the factors – Once you analyzed the factors responsible for the negativity in you, categorize them into reasonable and unreasonable factors. Some of the factors are reasonable enough to affect you mentally. By reasonable, I mean the factors which are actually affecting you. A simple coping strategy is to take an action and resolve it, which I would be describing further below. But as you already be knowing the popular idiom – “An idle mind is devil’s workshop“, our mind inculcate negativity when it’s empty, and that is when unreasonable factors arises. We tend to become anxious, frustrated, stressed and depressed without any notable, physical or mental cause. This can happen because of a mental state which builds up things in an exaggerated manner, i.e., over-thinking.


  • Take an action– As you recognize the factors which are affecting yourself in a negative manner, act upon them to resolve them and to refrain yourself from undesirable feelings. Remember to not let the pessimism overrule your thinking power. Always strive to get rid of negativity by taking an action. Isolate yourself from the unwanted environment for a while, talk or discuss with the person related to the issue, to inhibit the misunderstandings and barriers to communication.


  • Release the negative energy– If the observed factors seem to be unreasonable to you, like feeling sadness for no good reason, you need to lay off the negativity from your senses. It is the most important measure to cope with negativity when you find no cause for a given behaviour. Let it flow out from your senses with the help of different activities which are also referred as ‘art’. Engage your senses in some activities you are fond of. Learn to cook a new dish and serve it to your close ones, draw your favourite type of sketch (landscapes, portraits), learn a new song, practice your favourite dance moves or curate whatever hobby you like to develop. Making your senses busy in various activities would overpower the negativity and will inculcate optimism & encouragement in oneself.



  • Mark your achievements– During this phase, it is most important for an individual to develop a sense of self-worth in oneself. Reminding yourself of your achievements and abilities will preserve self-confidence in you and you won’t acknowledge yourself as worthless as you used to do. Also, if you feel that you lack certain abilities which you need to have, don’t worry.  Just pen down them on a paper, think what capabilities would it require to achieve the ability and write down the ones you need to curate. Now start working on them. Remember that smaller  steps will help more than bigger ones. Accomplish smaller things daily, be continuous with practice, don’t give up when it doesn’t seem to happen, try again and again and there you are! A warrior with a shining sword! xD



  • Be yourself– It’s quite common in today’s world that people get influenced by other people’s way of living . We often compare ourselves from other beings, in terms of looks, societal standards, wealth, living style and in other things, overlooking our own goodness we are born with. We neglect our own uniqueness as an individual, and get affected by the outer sham of the society. Always keep this in mind, that you are perfect on your own. A person is beautiful by his thoughts, his abilities & his good nature with other beings and without these qualities he is always incomplete as a human. Curate yourself with knowledge and ideas, strive each day for your betterment, keep learning new things in life and never forget to appreciate yourself.


The level of contentment, self-worth and self-satisfaction in an individual determines the level of happy living throughout his life span.

In the end, we all know TIME heals everything! For things which are out of your control, shall be delegated to the Universe. Time is the ultimate healer. We never know what we come across the another moment. So, Embrace the Mystery at the center of the universe. Make “don’t know” your mantra. Life becomes a great adventure full of wonder and joy when you haven’t got a clue what’s coming next. 😉

“Who am I and why I’m here?”

Hey friends,

Do you know that in India itself, 38 million people are affected by mental illness. Can you think about the statistics of people suffering from mental illnesses in the whole world?

Well, WHO claims, that around 450 million people currently suffer from such conditions, placing mental disorders among the leading causes of ill-health and disability worldwide.



You know mental illness is a taboo in the most parts of the world. People don’t discuss it openly and they even don’t feel the need to go to the psychiatrist/psychologist when they even need to, unlike they visit doctor for their physical health.

You may have seen, when a person is having a headache, he quickly take some medicines to cure it.. but when someday, he feels anxious or stressed, he doesn’t pay attention to it and does nothing to get rid of it.

Mental health is a very crucial issue which has to be taken care of , in our lives and in our society. Regardless of the frequency of mental illness, we must observe it, analyze it and should seek a professional help to cure it.

This necessity of mental health in today’s era, led me to construct this platform. A platform, where we all can get into discussion on mental health and on how to improve it.

I’m no psychologist, I’m no intellectual, but I can be someone who can help you; just like a friend. I have a zeal to uplift people’s spirit towards a better life, to show them a mirror  that how capable they are to face the adversities of life. I want to be someone who can help healing people mentally, so that they can be productive and so thus I can be a beneficial asset to the society as well.

So that’s how I want to help people around me, and let those people to help many. Be a part of such contribution. Think, observe, speak and share.

I want to help my society in a ‘bit’ and let my small contribution make ‘big’ changes.

After all, we, homo sapiens- the best creation of god, deserves to be mentally healthy and content.

Because all what matters on this earth, is YOU! 🙂